Governing Emergencies workshop – Emergency and Disaster Publics

We’re pleased to announce details of the second Governing Emergencies workshop on Emergency and Disaster Publics. It will take place in Rotterdam on the 4th and 5th June 2015. For the first day of the workshop, we will visit the Watersnoodmuseum in Ouwerkerk. The museum commemorates a flood event of 1953 in which over 1,800 people died. The museum is organised in the concrete caissons that were used to close the openings in the dykes during the floods. watersnoodmuseum We are hoping to engage with the museum in different ways (exploring the materialities of the museum, participating in small group discussions on key questions) to help us work through the following two themes: 1. Making Emergencies and Disasters Public How and with what consequences are publics made present as emergencies or disasters unfold? How are publics assembled in different forums that do the work of making disasters/emergencies public and interrogating them (museums, inquries, protests, art, media etc)? 2. Governing (Future) Publics How are public values (safety, security, compassion and so on) embedded in and expressed through ways of governing? How are publics imagined in anticipatory ways of governing emergencies and disasters? What alternative/novel relations between governing authorities and publics might emerge and how does this involve different ways of thinking danger and security? Inside Watersnoodmuseum Whilst at the museum, we will also hear two keynotes which will begin to open up the themes to questions and discussion.

Prof William Walters, Carleton University, will speak about “Emergencies, Publics and Dis/Closure: The 9/11 Commission, Victim-Families, and the Flux of Secrecy”.

Dr Noortje Marres, Goldsmiths, University of London, will present her work on the role of artistic instruments in understanding latent disasters.

The second day of the workshop will involve paper sessions followed by discussion, drawing across themes and thoughts from the previous day.

Dr Ben Anderson, Durham University, The Scene of the Emergency: Publics and Events

Dr Polly Pallister-Wilkins, University of Amsterdam, Personal Protective Equipment and the Humanitarian Governance of Ebola

Dr Stephanie Simon, University of Amsterdam, Landscape Aesthetics and the Anthropocene Emergency

Dr Rogier van Reekum, Erasmus University, Amsterdam, The Figure of Emergency in Migration Control

Dr Michael Guggenheim, Goldsmiths, University of London, The Public as Experts. Witnessing and Doing Flood Defense in the UK

Dr Matt Kearnes, University of New South Wales, Making and Re-Making Participation: Technical Democracy and the Emergence of Publics Watersnoodmuseum outdoorsMore about the Watersnoodmuseum.

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