Publications on Emergency

A collection of papers, book chapters and books by network members on emergency, security, biosecurity, preparedness, risk and disaster.

Matthew Kearnes:

Kearnes, M., Klauser, F. and Lane, S. 2012. Risk Research after Fukushima. In Lane, S., Klauser, F. and Kearnes, M. eds. Critical Risk Research: Practices, Politics and Ethics. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, pp. 1 – 20

Kearnes, M., Macnaghten, P. and Wilsdon, J. 2006. Governing at the nanoscale : people, policies and emerging technologies. London: Demos.

Stephen Collier:

Collier, S. J. 2014. Vital systems security: reflexive biopolitics and the government of emergency. Theory, Culture & Society

Collier, S.J. 2008. Distributed preparedness: the spatial logic of domestic security in the United States. Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy  26(1):7

Collier, S. J. and Lakoff, A. 2008. The vulnerability of vital systems: how critical infrastructure became a security problem. In Dunn, M. and Kristensen, K.S. eds. Securing the Homeland: Critical Infrastructure, Risk and (In)security. London and New York: Routledge.,%20Stephen%20and%20Andrew%20Lakoff-The%20Vulnerability%20of%20Vital%20Systems.pdf

Emily Gilbert:

Gilbert, E. and Ponder, C. 2013. Between tragedy and farce: 9/11 compensation and the value of life and death. Antipode 46(2):404-425

Gilbert, E. 2012. Borders and security: the thickening of North American relations. In Ayers, J. and MacDonald, L. eds. North America in Question. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

Gilbert, E. 2012. The militarization of climate change. ACME 11(1):1-14

Merieke de Goede

de Goede, M. 2014. Preemption contested: suspect spaces and preventability in the July 7 inquest. Political Geography 39:48-57

de Goede, M. and Simon, S. 2013. Governing future radicals in Europe. Antipode 45(2):315-335

de Goede, M. 2012. Speculative security: the politics of pursuing terrorist monies. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.

de Goede, M. 2008. Beyond risk: premediation and the post-9/11 security imaginationSecurity Dialogue 39(2-3):155-176

Peter Adey

Adey, P 2013. Air/atmosphere of the megacityTheory, Culture and Society 30(7-8)

Adey, P. 2010. Aerial Life: Spaces, Mobilities, Affects. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell.

Adey, P. and Anderson, B. 2012. Anticipating emergencies: technologies of preparedness and the matter of security. Security Dialogue 43(2):99-117

Adey, P. and Anderson, B. 2011. Anticipation, materiality, event : The Icelandic ash cloud disruption and the security of mobility. Mobilities 6(1):11-20

Adey, P. and Anderson, B. 2011. Event and anticipation: UK civil contingencies and the space-times of decision. Environment and Planning A 43(12):2878-2899

Michael Guggenheim

Guggenheim, M., Deville, J. and Hrdlickova, Z. 2013. Same, same but different: provoking relations, assembling the comparator. Working paper

Guggenheim, M., Kraeftner, B. and Kroell, J. 2013. ‘I don’t know whether I need a further level of disaster’: shifting media of sociology in the sandbox. Distinktion: Scandinavian Journal of Social Theory 14(3)

Ben Anderson

Anderson, B. and Adey, P. 2012. Governing events and life: ’emergency’ in UK civil contingencies. Political Geography 31(1):24-33

Anderson, B. 2011. Facing the future enemy: US counterinsurgency doctrine and the pre-insurgentTheory, Culture and Society 28:216-240

Anderson, B. 2010.  Preemption, precaution, preparedness: anticipatory action and future geographiesProgress in Human Geography 34:777-798

Anderson, B. 2010. Security and the future: anticipating the event of terrorGeoforum 41:227-235


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