Governing Emergencies in New York: In Photos

The theme for the third Governing Emergencies workshop was Counting Loss. It provided an interesting and thought-provoking lens through which to engage with both the specific context of New York and broader intellectual themes on emergency, crisis and resilience that connected network participants. The workshop was a mixture of keynote presentations, by Kevin Grove and Marita Sturken, and group visits to New York sites. In this post, we present an outline of our explorative activities in the city through a collection of photographs.

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Governing Emergencies workshop – Emergency and Disaster Publics

We’re pleased to announce details of the second Governing Emergencies workshop on Emergency and Disaster Publics. It will take place in Rotterdam on the 4th and 5th June 2015. For the first day of the workshop, we will visit the Watersnoodmuseum in Ouwerkerk. The museum commemorates a flood event of 1953 in which over 1,800 people died. The museum is organised in the concrete caissons that were used to close the openings in the dykes during the floods. Continue reading

Governing Emergencies – 1st Workshop

We’re exicted about the first Governing Emergencies workshop which is now taking shape – 23/24 September at the RGS in London. We’re going to trace some of the ways in which emergencies are governed today, around four themes: ‘Transformations in the Government of Emergency’, ‘Contemporary Logics and Techniques’, ‘Events and Non-Events’ and ‘Emergency Topologies’. Keynotes from Melinda Cooper and Janet Roitman, and other confirmed attendees/speakers include a bunch of interesting people, with more to follow …: Peter Adey, Louise Amoore, Claudia Aradau, Stephen Collier, Mick Dillon, Aurora Fredriksen, Marieke de Goede, Joe Deville, Stefan Elbe, Micheal Guggenheim, Kevin Grove, Paul Langley, Natrhaniel O’Grady, Stephanie Simon.

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